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Extract from Practical Caravan
Ditching the hook-up opens the door to a brand new holiday experience, says Alyson Warnock of Practical Caravan

THOUGH MOST OF us plug in on our holidays, it is just as easy to have a great holiday off-grid. And ditching the hook-up lets you enjoy some holiday experiences you wouldn’t otherwise get, such as staying at the heart of a national park, enjoying peace and quiet in a popular destination or joining in the fun on a rally. On top of that, you can make a great saving on pitch fees.

Summer is an ideal time to give it a go. The warm weather means you won’t need your heating and you can do most of your cooking outside on the barbeque. You’ll still need gas for your fridge and hot water, but there’s little chance of running out.

The long hours of daylight mean you’ll use the lights in your caravan less. So, as long as you can live without the TV while you are away, you won’t need to worry about getting a flat battery or buying a costly generator.


Little Lodge Farm is bordered by  Thetford Forest and the Little Ouse river in the centre of East Anglia. The CL has no facilities, so you can enjoy the true escape in this tranquil spot surrounded by nature and wildlife. But the site is also just five miles from Thetford and surrounded by pretty towns such as Ely, which are well worth exploring.

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